The Solo Drinker

Table for one, please.

The Busker.

He aims to be inconspicuous
Blending into the background
The white noise
Amidst the incessant buzz and chatter
Murmurs of the crowd

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Do you ever feel like nearly everyone else’s life is progressing to the next level, while yours is stagnating?

Well, perhaps stagnating is pushing it a little; there are still little (some may say major) developments in your life – like the new job you took up, finally getting a place of your own, taking tennis lessons, dabbling in watercolour painting, keeping busy with rehearsals for upcoming performances, and that friendly cat you’re adopting. Pretty exciting stuff, admittedly – and arguably anything but stagnating.

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The Funny Girl.

The Funny Girl is popular.

She’s well-liked
easy to talk to, and
has an uncanny knack for
making even the most
awkward introverts feel
at ease in
social settings.

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I would have loved to know
how it’s like to kiss you

Would it be tender?
Would it be gentle?
Would your hands explore
the terrain of my back or
Would your fingertips caress the tiny hairs
on the nape of my neck?

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Just Because.

Just because
my hair isn’t long
doesn’t mean that I’m
any less of a girl

I wear my hair short
to feel your breath 
tickle my bare skin when
you’re right behind me

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With furrowed brows, she stares at the wall of text on her laptop screen – its brightness inevitably creates a gentle glow against her cheeks.

A low, resigned sigh leaves her mouth as she rests her chin against the back of her hand.

Her mobile phone buzzes.

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Mending a broken heart is an arduous task.

Unlike a physical wound, readily visible to all and sundry, where its recovery is tangible – and therefore trackable –

One can never be completely certain of the extent one’s heart has healed.

Some days are better than others – you get distracted by immediately pressing obligations at work; you hear your own laughter whilst immersed in the company of friends – it’s genuine, authentic; your interest is piqued slightly when an attractive chap says hi, and you even flirt a little

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He doesn’t (mustn’t) know
that he’s her tender spot
the one that goes unnoticed
till she rummages through
her cluttered
on a quiet night

He makes her laugh
in ways he doesn’t realise
she stores these moments
in the abyss of her mind
occasionally retrieving them
for a private chuckle
on a balmy afternoon

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Sheer Necessity.

It all happens so quickly
(almost as if a tornado had recklessly
flung her onto the ground)
that she doesn’t realise how
close she is to him

His dark chocolate eyes;
that gaze – intense, but kind –
as he tilts his head to meet hers, and
her heart swells

She’s on fire.

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