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I Wish You Love.

From time to time, I lurk around your social media pages for updates on what you’re up to. While I might have been removed from your personal pages, your artist page is still accessible to the public eye.

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If you had the chance to do so – would you change the past?


What was your childhood like?

The relationship you have with your Mom is far from amicable, and cordial at best.

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Half of My Heart.


Are you keeping well?


Have you settled in nicely at your new place, had your friends warm the seats of your teak furniture – that dining set, and the sofa with armrests wide enough to hold a beer – the ones we bought together?

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He asks if he can come over.

To visit your cat,” he justifies
“ok,” she says, “but only after 9pm – tennis class before.”
“I’ll pick you up after class,” he offers
“No, it’s fine,”
I want the time alone. 

How come you never offered to drive me around, years ago?

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People say my knack for remembering details is a gift.

In certain situations, yes.

And admittedly, it can be rather entertaining:-

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Before & After.

The train station was a mere
10-minute walk from my office
But you offered to pick me up
And drop me off

I try to make your life easier.
Protect you from the elements. 

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Do you ever feel like nearly everyone else’s life is progressing to the next level, while yours is stagnating?

Well, perhaps stagnating is pushing it a little; there are still little (some may say major) developments in your life – like the new job you took up, finally getting a place of your own, taking tennis lessons, dabbling in watercolour painting, keeping busy with rehearsals for upcoming performances, and that friendly cat you’re adopting. Pretty exciting stuff, admittedly – and arguably anything but stagnating.

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With furrowed brows, she stares at the wall of text on her laptop screen – its brightness inevitably creates a gentle glow against her cheeks.

A low, resigned sigh leaves her mouth as she rests her chin against the back of her hand.

Her mobile phone buzzes.

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Mending a broken heart is an arduous task.

Unlike a physical wound, readily visible to all and sundry, where its recovery is tangible – and therefore trackable –

One can never be completely certain of the extent one’s heart has healed.

Some days are better than others – you get distracted by immediately pressing obligations at work; you hear your own laughter whilst immersed in the company of friends – it’s genuine, authentic; your interest is piqued slightly when an attractive chap says hi, and you even flirt a little

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