The Solo Drinker

Table for one, please.



I Wish You Love.

From time to time, I lurk around your social media pages for updates on what you’re up to. While I might have been removed from your personal pages, your artist page is still accessible to the public eye.

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If you had the chance to do so – would you change the past?


What was your childhood like?

The relationship you have with your Mom is far from amicable, and cordial at best.

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Half of My Heart.


Are you keeping well?


Have you settled in nicely at your new place, had your friends warm the seats of your teak furniture – that dining set, and the sofa with armrests wide enough to hold a beer – the ones we bought together?

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The first
The one I thought
I’d never get

Insults clad in jokes
I swallowed
Reckless disregard of feelings
I tolerated
Ridiculous behaviour
I defended

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Do you ever feel like nearly everyone else’s life is progressing to the next level, while yours is stagnating?

Well, perhaps stagnating is pushing it a little; there are still little (some may say major) developments in your life – like the new job you took up, finally getting a place of your own, taking tennis lessons, dabbling in watercolour painting, keeping busy with rehearsals for upcoming performances, and that friendly cat you’re adopting. Pretty exciting stuff, admittedly – and arguably anything but stagnating.

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