She doesn’t deserve you. The way you make excuses for her When she misses an appointment Sleeping through your texts and calls. “It’s ok, it was a last minute arrangement anyway.” How she ignores your texts At her convenience But laments You don’t care about her When you don’t call for a day. “I miss … More Parity.

Will & Grace.

Will you ever know the width of my grin when I read a text from you the pitch of my laughter when you tell a joke or the number of times my heart beats in a minute whenever you’re close?


If you had the chance to do so – would you change the past?   What was your childhood like? The relationship you have with your Mom is far from amicable, and cordial at best.


He asks if he can come over. “To visit your cat,” he justifies “ok,” she says, “but only after 9pm – tennis class before.” “I’ll pick you up after class,” he offers “No, it’s fine,” I want the time alone.  How come you never offered to drive me around, years ago?

Before & After.

The train station was a mere 10-minute walk from my office But you offered to pick me up And drop me off I try to make your life easier. Protect you from the elements. 


Mornings are the most difficult. What used to be the sweetest of greetings To start the day Are now a perpetual reminder of how You said goodbye Before the break of dawn

I Wish.

I wish you never made me all these promises. To see the Northern Lights To travel to Japan – where we both loved To buy me a customised engagement ring – “white gold, with an emerald; I don’t believe in diamonds”


The first The one I thought I’d never get Over Insults clad in jokes I swallowed Reckless disregard of feelings I tolerated Ridiculous behaviour I defended

The Busker.

He aims to be inconspicuous Nondescript Blending into the background The white noise Amidst the incessant buzz and chatter Murmurs of the crowd