The Solo Drinker

Table for one, please.




With furrowed brows, she stares at the wall of text on her laptop screen – its brightness inevitably creates a gentle glow against her cheeks.

A low, resigned sigh leaves her mouth as she rests her chin against the back of her hand.

Her mobile phone buzzes.

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Sheer Necessity.

It all happens so quickly
(almost as if a tornado had recklessly
flung her onto the ground)
that she doesn’t realise how
close she is to him

His dark chocolate eyes;
that gaze – intense, but kind –
as he tilts his head to meet hers, and
her heart swells

She’s on fire.

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Mama always told me
I was special
For I was both
black as the night and
blue as the ocean

So was she.

She was style-savvy
but never fell prey to
trends and
plain as I was
she picked me

I was overjoyed.
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