I Wish You Love.

From time to time, I lurk around your social media pages for updates on what you’re up to. While I might have been removed from your personal pages, your artist page is still accessible to the public eye. Advertisements

The Busker.

He aims to be inconspicuous Nondescript Blending into the background The white noise Amidst the incessant buzz and chatter Murmurs of the crowd


I would have loved to know how it’s like to kiss you Would it be tender? Would it be gentle? Would your hands explore the terrain of my back or Would your fingertips caress the tiny hairs on the nape of my neck?

Just Because.

Just because my hair isn’t long doesn’t mean that I’m any less of a girl I wear my hair short to feel your breath  tickle my bare skin when you’re right behind me


Mending a broken heart is an arduous task. Unlike a physical wound, readily visible to all and sundry, where its recovery is tangible – and therefore trackable – One can never be completely certain of the extent one’s heart has healed. Some days are better than others – you get distracted by immediately pressing obligations at … More Relapse.

Do You Know?

That even though it’s been months You’re the last person I think of Before slumber And the first that occupies my mind When I wake I search for you within the crowds The sea of people I see you everywhere And yet You’re nowhere to be found


You promised that you wouldn’t burn this bridge. And I believed it. For, despite the fact that you’d tweaked your social media settings such that I could hardly see anything on your profile, we were still friends on record. And that crucial Reaction to the video of my original song – yes, that one about you … More Blocked.


They say that the best things happen when you least expect it. Countless times I’ve contemplated this statement, and I always firmly believed that it was applicable to that most recent moment I found myself in. Until you came along, and changed everything. We were supposed to have have hit it off as fellow musicians / performers, two … More Unexpected.

Music & Lyrics.

If i can walk into your life and somehow convince you to pay a little bit more attention to lyrics, my work is done. You were always amused at how I hardly paid attention to song lyrics, but was (in your opinion) overly caught up in the groove of the music. You, on the other … More Music & Lyrics.