Will & Grace.

Will you ever know

the width of my grin when
I read a text from you

the pitch of my laughter when
you tell a joke

or the number of times
my heart beats in a minute
whenever you’re close?


Will you even remember

that dinner we had
with my broken heart

tears across the table
curious stares from patrons

the reassuring warmth of
your hand on mine and
that hilariously loud lament –
“Man, your ramen must be really spicy!”


Will you then notice

that whenever
you say her name

my comebacks are a bit too cheery
my smiles are a tad too wide
my eyes lose their sparkle

I die a little inside.


And will you ever realise

the tender spot you occupy
in this foolish heart of mine

the one which prayed for a sign
in hopes of
changing your mind.



Perhaps it’s not because
I wasn’t good enough

for what you desired was grace

and not my charm.


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