He asks if he can come over.

To visit your cat,” he justifies
“ok,” she says, “but only after 9pm – tennis class before.”
“I’ll pick you up after class,” he offers
“No, it’s fine,”
I want the time alone. 

How come you never offered to drive me around, years ago?

He brings a bottle of wine.

“A housewarming gift,” he grins
“Thanks, it’s very sweet of you”
It’s a funny brand – Squealing Pig.
Read the label – you’d like what it
A cursory glance across the text, and she chuckles politely

How is it that 10 years have passed, and you’re only being thoughtful now?

“Lunch this week?” he asks
“Thursday works. What are we having?”
Haven’t thought of it yet”
Six hours later, she receives a follow-up text:-
Noodles at AMK?”

You never used to care about responding to trivial questions like that; why the change now? 

“Free this Sunday?
I’ve got complimentary tickets to the jazz festival.”
“Sounds great, I’m in,”
“I’ll come by your place before that.
We can have a drink first – I’ve got an aperitif to spare”

I would have been psyched senseless, had you asked me this 10 years ago.

She’s home after tennis class, and cooks dinner as she anticipates his arrival
I wish it were you I was waiting for.
She sips the wine he brings. It’s palatable, but forgettable
I wish I were drinking that lovely red from your glass, that night where your bestie declared that you’d struck the jackpot by dating me
She waits at the porch for his flashy Benz to pull up
I wish I were looking out for your modest Honda Jazz
She’s enjoying herself at the jazz festival – more than she expected – and she turns towards her companion – a man whose affection she’d used to yearn for, for nearly a decade
I know you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this as much as he did

But I wish I were here with you instead. 


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