Before & After.

The train station was a mere
10-minute walk from my office
But you offered to pick me up
And drop me off

I try to make your life easier.
Protect you from the elements. 

Yet here I am
Braving the rain at midnight
The pitter-patter against my umbrella
The salty wetness on my cheeks


You gave me a bottle of water after one rehearsal
It was warm
I told you I couldn’t bear
To drink it

Drink it!
How am I supposed to buy more for you if you don’t? 

To date
Said bottle of water remains unopened
It’s still full
But no longer warm


I told you about him
How he broke my heart
And how he epitomized
The beauty of my “what if?”

I understand, because I’ve been through it
But you make all my what if’s disappear 

You made all my what if’s disappear
But at the same time
So did you


You can stop loving someone but you can’t unlove someone
I don’t love the ones before you any more
But they remain very much a part of me

Tell me
Did enough time pass
For you to love me
Such that I
Can no longer be


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