The Busker.

He aims to be inconspicuous
Blending into the background
The white noise
Amidst the incessant buzz and chatter
Murmurs of the crowd

A few kind souls deposit
Into his tiny token bin
Purple bills and
Remnants of their allowance
A gift of navy he’s ever received
But only when the moon glows blue(*)

Young schoolgirls gather in a corner
Stealing a glance
Concealing their giggles
There’s nothing quite so attractive
As a young man with a guitar
Whose song is his soul

She’s blocked by the masses
It’s okay – she meant for it to be so
A silent observer
A nameless supporter
Nothing more or
It’ll be harder to let go

The horde scatters
Creating a clear line of vision
His eyes meet hers as he
Completes the final lines of his song
“One more,” he mouths and smiles
Holding up the index finger of his right hand

She nods, slightly flushed
Surprised, embarrassed
Perhaps I’m special, after all
A tiny glimmer of hope
Fills her tender heart

He switches the amp off
Unplugs his guitar
Collapses his mic stand
While she inches towards him tentatively
He picks his equipment up, and
Walks past her

She looks behind
Only to see his arms wrapped around another
His lips gently brushing the top of her head
His words
His smile
Meant only for her

She was all but white noise



(*) Purple bills refer to SGD 2.00, which gets you a bottled drink; SGD 50.00 bills are dark blue in colour, and could get you a very sumptuous meal at a fancy restaurant.


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