The Funny Girl.

The Funny Girl is popular.

She’s well-liked
easy to talk to, and
has an uncanny knack for
making even the most
awkward introverts feel
at ease in
social settings.

She’s straight-talking
witty, and
never fails to
chime in with the right pun
at the most (in)opportune of

No, she’s not what
the boys would consider pretty
She’s just “one of the bros”
partaking in Friday night drinks
crude jokes, and

And yes, she envies
the girls with sweet dispositions
infectious smiles, and
gentle voices
the ones who were always
adored by the boys
the ones who never knew
unrequited love.

The Funny Girl is a hit at the party.

But only because
she’s entertaining
amusing, and
her jokes pack a punch.

When the music dies down
and the lights come on
she will only be remembered as
a stellar performer.

He leaves with his date
the quintessential girl-next-door
She wonders if he remembers her
from that brief (but intense) acquaintance
multiple years ago
where he’d said

“You’re so funny – you should consider doing this for a living!”


And so, she did.


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