Just Because.

Just because
my hair isn’t long
doesn’t mean that I’m
any less of a girl

I wear my hair short
to feel your breath 
tickle my bare skin when
you’re right behind me

Just because
I’m tall
doesn’t mean that I’m
strong, and fearless

A sudden “pop” from
some silly movie scene is enough
to send me hiding in
the nook of your neck 

Just because
I laugh it off
doesn’t mean that your
thoughtless words don’t hurt

You meant
no malice, but
I thought you’d be sensitive
to know

Just because
I’m logical
doesn’t mean that I don’t
succumb to emotions

Pillows are stained
from tears shed at midnight
fingertips are calloused
from playing sad songs on the guitar  

Just because
I miss you
doesn’t justify
my looking you up
Just because
I understand
doesn’t make it any easier
to move on


Just because
we came to naught
didn’t mean it was any less worthwhile
for, in spite of it all
it was never a waste loving you,

Just because. 


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