With furrowed brows, she stares at the wall of text on her laptop screen – its brightness inevitably creates a gentle glow against her cheeks.

A low, resigned sigh leaves her mouth as she rests her chin against the back of her hand.

Her mobile phone buzzes.

Quit acting all hardworking, you. And really, focusing so intensely at your laptop screen? Watch those peepers, kiddo – you’re blind enough as it is.

Her fatigued eyes spring to life immediately, and a grin spreads across her face; her fingers dance frantically across the virtual keyboard of her phone as she types her reply.

Stop stalking me, you idiot. Where the hell are you?

A gentle tap against illuminated glass, and the text is sent.

Stifling a chuckle, which eventually resolves to a smile – one that never leaves the corners of her mouth, the arches of her cheeks, and the souls of her eyes – she glances down at her phone while she awaits his response, her fingers carelessly drumming against its tiny screen.

Amazing, how this illuminated pocket-sized display manages to bestow upon her visage a glow so brilliant

She’s almost sparkling. 


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