He doesn’t (mustn’t) know
that he’s her tender spot
the one that goes unnoticed
till she rummages through
her cluttered
on a quiet night

He makes her laugh
in ways he doesn’t realise
she stores these moments
in the abyss of her mind
occasionally retrieving them
for a private chuckle
on a balmy afternoon

He’s elusive
reminiscent of a superhero
who blends into the crowd
another faceless individual
invisible until summoned
brightening her dark skies with
his transient presence

She masks her fondness
with feigned annoyance
cheeky insults
quick wit and
tries to ignore the slight ache in
her heart when
he talks about her

The line that’s drawn is clear
its boundaries defined and set
she wonders if he’s deliberately done this
in order to
enjoy intimacy (with her)
without getting


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