Sheer Necessity.

It all happens so quickly
(almost as if a tornado had recklessly
flung her onto the ground)
that she doesn’t realise how
close she is to him

His dark chocolate eyes;
that gaze – intense, but kind –
as he tilts his head to meet hers, and
her heart swells

She’s on fire.

Gently, he takes her hand in his
pulling her closer
She trembles
sending ripples across
her molten being

She feels his breath
warm, inviting, eager
his lips
curving upwards into a smile

He kisses her.

with his eyes closed
savouring every inch of her
like she’s his drug
and his only reason for existence

They break apart
for air.

He loosens his grip on her and
with that same hand
wipes her taste
off his lips

He pushes her away
into the shadows
her empty heart left with
nothing but
the lingering warmth
of his touch and
the residual flavour
of his tongue

She knows full well
that he needs her

But she’ll never be
his only one.

Hi, I’m done with my coffee – can you clear this please?”

“Also, get me the menu.”


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