They say that the best things happen when you least expect it.

Countless times I’ve contemplated this statement, and I always firmly believed that it was applicable to that most recent moment I found myself in.

Until you came along, and changed everything.

We were supposed to have have hit it off as fellow musicians / performers, two people who were involved in different aspects of the performing arts – a cappella for me, and busking for you. I’d envisioned us sharing performance pointers, and perhaps cheering each other on at our respective gigs, the way artists show support to their peers.

But no.

You had to be funny, down-to-earth, straight-talking, mischievous, yet insightful, empathetic, perceptive, and sensitive. You didn’t give two hoots about my job as a Lex minion, never bought into the Intimidating Factor, and was genuinely interested in me as a human being. We talked about anything and everything under the sun. And at some point in time I thought,

Where have you been all my life?”

I would then discover later on, that prior to meeting me, you’d thought that I was “too good to be true”. And when we finally met, you realised that I was really as good as I was true.

Electric (as you’d described) as our chemistry was, we were taken hostage by the sly, stealthy doings of time.

And as quickly (and unexpectedly) as you entered my life, you left it. For a door you once locked, but whose key you couldn’t bear to throw.

I know you had to return to that door, and I wanted you to.

Because I love you, and I couldn’t have you haunted by the what if of not pursuing the adventure behind that door.

I know you left my door ajar, and it was admittedly rather uncharacteristic of you to have done so – similar doors were shut and locked in previous instances. I have no intention of shutting or locking this door, and may you return some day as a familiar guest, or perhaps, a permanent resident. 


Everything with you happened so quickly, that sometimes I wonder if it was all but a dream.

Yet I have our text conversations neatly archived and tucked away in a designated folder on my computer, a collection of random pictures we sent each other, the late-night recordings of you singing, the last two emails we exchanged while we were closing in on the end of this chapter…

And way, way too many memories of you.

All real, and all true.

While the future quite possibly holds even more superb happenings to vie for top spot in my list of “Best Things That Happened Unexpectedly”, I’m quite certain it’ll take a pretty formidable occurrence to knock you off your throne.

For how does one fight with that one unexpected event, which located a soulmate?




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